From my experiences I can tell that you only need a few words to survive in Paris, without understanding what French people say. I am passing this information to you my belowed readers. Here they are

– Bonjour
– Merci
– Au revoir
– Oui
– No
– Pain de chocolade
– Adission
– Tee
– Rue this, Rue that…
And my favorite, Fromage

I spent my 3 days with knowing only these words and I never had any problems. There’s something about this place since noone (except the people you’re doing business with) talks in English unless they have to, it makes you feel like you need to talk in French, even you know nothing. I hope my French teacher is not reading this post right now she’d be disappointed. Or you can just watch this video to learn how to survive that a friend of mine suggested before we went to Paris. Enjoy

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