3 Days in Berlin

Last week we spent 3 days in Berlin. It was our first time in the city so we wanted to experience the most. We did a little bit of research beforehand but I feel it’s always better to wander spontaneously around the city to discover the most. Our routine is mostly about deciding where to … Continue Reading

Copenhagen Must Visit Places | Vlog

It took me for a while to write about our trip to Copenhagen but I just wanted it to settle down within me before telling you all about it. I shot a lot of footage while we’re in Copenhagen and I managed to make a 4 minutes video out of them with all the highlights. … Continue Reading

My Pinko Experience

Last week I was in Florence with Pinko. Me and some other lovely style influencers from all around the world were invited to discover Pinko’s new Shine Baby Shine sneakers along with the gorgeous atmosphere of Firenze. I visited Florence 4 years ago and coming back to this city brought some memories back. I’m so … Continue Reading

From Paris With Love

Last month I went to Paris with my mother for 6 days. It was her first time on this glamorous city so we have returned with some of the best memories of our lives as mother and daughter. Our trip was both touristic and local. It was my 6th time in Paris so it’s good … Continue Reading