January 2017

After 3 days snow storm, today we could finally get out of the house for work! I’m wearing thermal underwear, virgin wool sweater, and coat and still feel the cold. But that’s layers are here for. At least it’s a bit sunny today and I definitely prefer snow to rain, which will be starting tonight, … Continue Reading

Falling in Fall

I just returned from 2 weeks long holiday and the city started to change into Fall. It is now officially autumn, but last Monday when I wore this outfit it felt like a bit more summerish so I thought it would be the last day to wear sandals or slippers and I went for it. … Continue Reading

Yellow Touch

I wore this outfit to the birthday celebration of two of my close friends. It was a very nice spring Sunday, we met at a Greek/Turkish restaurant called Demeti and had Turkish mezes and raki for dinner. Geçtiğimiz haftalarda Koray ve Can’ın doğumgününde giymiştim bu kıyafeti. Harika bir bahar günü Cihangir’deki Demeti meyhanesinde rakı meze için buluşup çok … Continue Reading

Spring Blooms

Ok I have to confess, I didn’t pick my clothes on this post. That day, I felt a bit tired but we had to go out of the house anyway so my dear hubby styled me for the day! Apparently he was in the mood for spring and wanted to see me in something other … Continue Reading